Everything you have to know about Bankruptcy Notices

If you have acquired a bankruptcy notice or court order you must take action quickly to prevent future suffering. Owing somebody money known here as a creditor, can be any individual or organisation to whom you owe money. If you're unfit to pay money to a creditor, the creditor will phone the Australian Financial Security [...]

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Australia’s Household Debt Crisis Looms

Today in the news, former economics advisor John Adams indicated that Australia is too late to avoid an 'economic apocalypse' regardless of his incessant warnings to the political elites in Canberra. He proceeded to urge the Reserve Bank to raise interest rates to avoid household debt getting further out of control. This bubble is easy [...]

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ATO Debts Becoming Uncontrollable? Warning to all ABN holders, your ATO Debts may now hurt your credit rating. Beware of ATO Bankruptcy!

There is distressing news for business owners who have an ATO debt as of 1st July 2017. Small businesses must be careful of ATO Bankruptcy since the ATO may unveil details of your tax debts to credit reporting agencies like Dun & Bradstreet and Veda Advantage. This will make it much more complicated for small [...]

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What Remains on Your Credit Report And For How Long?

A credit report is an in-depth document that specifies your history with creditors and has a notable effect on your future financial capabilities. Having a 'good' credit report is regular as long as you pay your bills and debt repayments on time. However, skipping a repayment on a bill or debt repayment can cause substantial [...]

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What Is It Like To Go Bankrupt?

There's no doubt that bankruptcy isn't the most desirable situation to be dealing with. There are some harsh financial repercussions involved and it's a very elaborate and stressful process that will affect you financially for several years to come. Ending up in mountains of debt can come about very quickly, and lots of individuals end [...]

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Bankruptcy in Australia – What To Know About Debt Collection

A log of folks struggle with financial problems at some time in their lives, and the majority of these folks are probably familiar with debt collectors. A debt collector is a person whose job is to collect debts on behalf of a company. A debt collector can either be an employee of an organisation you [...]

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Four Types Of People Who Have Money Issues

When it involves money, a person's personality represents a meaningful role in their financial decision-making. Every person is unique, and that's what makes us human, so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that there are some personality types that are more likely to have money issues than others. It's difficult to alter your personality [...]

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What Is Debt Consolidation?

We've all seen the multitude of debt consolidation advertisements on TV. There is a lot of competition in the debt consolidation market because sadly, lots of people are struggling financially and these businesses provide much needed financial relief. Mortgages, car loans, credit cards; individuals can get loans from a large variety of lenders for just [...]

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What Happens After You File For Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not a decision that should be taken lightly. There are some severe financial implications involved and your financial freedom will be limited for several years to come. This doesn't suggest that filing for bankruptcy is the end of the world though. It should really be thought of as the first step in securing [...]

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Is Bankruptcy My Best Option? How To Know If Bankruptcy Is Right For You

Experiencing financial hardship is a pretty stressful situation and sadly, millions of individuals across the world end up in this position every day. Individuals in this situation have numerous options to recover from their financial troubles, and bankruptcy should be considered as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. You've possibly seen [...]

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